Monday, February 22, 2016


Today in the Kansas City, MO area it was a beautiful, sunny, 65 degrees.  Very unusual for the middle of February but I am not complaining one bit!!  This weather is making it hard to be patient while waiting for baseball season to begin.  I mean, really, who can blame me for being impatient.  Our beloved Kansas City Royals did the 2015 World Series after all ;)
Besides being excited for another year of a KC Royals baseball, I am also anxious for my boys to begin their seasons. Our middle monster is playing his 4th year with the same team, mostly, and our youngest monster is, yet again, beginning a Spring season with a new name across the front of his jersey...sigh.
Before the season begins, I simply wanted to share my expectations here.  I figured it was time any how.  I have had this blog for almost 2 years without ever posting after all. 
This will be the first season in 10 years that our oldest monster isn't playing baseball.  Although I respect his decision not to play anymore I would be lying if I said it didn't make me sad.  I absolutely loved watching him play. 
Our middle monster plays for a highly competitive 13u Major team, club team actually.  I don't particularly love nor recommend club teams.  He is the only one of our 3 boys that have played on a club baseball team.  This team...the coaches, the players, the parents, the all just works.  Each year our son gets better, more confident and learns  important life lessons.  His coaches have made him a leader and with that comes great responsibility to handle himself well, on & off the field.  I expect no less this season.  His coaches are preparing him, along with his teammates, for high school ball.  There will be lots of changes as far as positions.  They will be challenged in ways they are not used to.  You see, our high schools are big here and it can be very difficult to make the cut.  Not necessarily because of the exuberant amount of talent but because of high school politics (I'll talk more about that another day).  Any who, I am really looking forward to watching these boys overcome those challenges and, of course, play ball.  And in less than 3 weeks!!!
Now, our youngest monster is beginning this Spring season with a fairly new team. He played with all but 1 of his teammates during the Fall.  This Spring will be spent trying to get used to each other...building trust, finding their role on the team and ultimately becoming a "team". For me, it won't be as much about wins & losses but how they handle each game, learn from it and make adjustments the next opportunity they have.  I look forward to watching them grow.
Until next time.

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